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Reminders to the Buyers

 Before Buying:

1) Check if the Project has a License to Sell.

Ask the seller/agent if the Project is Registered and issued License to Sell by HLURB or verify at HLURB, website or you may visit the nearest HLURB Regional Office.
2) Conduct ocular/site visit to subdivision or condominium project.
3) Check for the Date of Completion as indicated in the License to Sell.
4) If the property is mortgage, check for the Mortgage Clearance from HLURB.
5) Check if the facilities and amenities represented in the Advertisement Flyers/Brochures are in accordance with the approved subdivision and condominium plan.

When Buying:
1) Check if the broker/agent is registered with HLURB.
2) Check if the property has not been sold to other buyers.
3) Check if the materials to be used conform with the development standards and approved building plans.
4) If water supply is not from LWU, check who would eventually operate the water system.

Before Signing the Contract to Sell:
1) Do not sign blank Contract to Sell.
2) Read thoroughly the contents of the Contract especially the Terms & Conditions.
3) Secure copy of all the documents you signed.
4) Make sure that Contract to Sell be registered by the owner/developer to the Register of Deeds.
5) Ask for an Official Receipt on all payments for your file.