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DECA HOMES BAYWALK 3 (Dumlog Talisay City Cebu Philippines)

P 1,369,000.00


Deca Homes Baywalk 3  is the only affordable Houses for sale in Talisay City, Cebu. It is located adjacent to Deca Homes Baywalk Phase 1and 2 with separate Entrance Gate and Guardhouse. Phase 3 has now new design with the façade and new color scheme.


Lot Area   : 40 sq. m
Floor Area: 54.40 sq. m.


Lot Area:     52 sq. m.
Floor Area:  54.4 sq. m.

Regular Unit Price: P1,369,000.00

Reservation Fee: P10,000.00

Equity : P30,000.00 3 months to pay

Loanable Amount: P1,332,000.00

5   Years: P26,062.11
10 Years: P15,124.59
15 Years: P11,603.15
20 Years: P9,931.03
25 Years: P8,993.76

With Parking Unit Price: P1,468,000.00

Reservation Fee: P10,000.00

Equity : P30,000.00 3 months to pay

Loanable Amount: P1,431,000.00
5 Years: P27,999.16
10 Years: P16,248.72
15 Years: P12,465.54
20 Years: P10,669.15
25 Years: P9,662.21

*Bare Unit (no tiles, no partition, no paint)
*Rare window closet, lavatory, shower, faucet and wall tiles are provided.
*Width of minor roads are 6.5m while major roads are 10.00 meters wiede.
*Any given schedule of house completion and turn over is only a projection, target or an estimate w/c is subject to slippage for whaterver reason & circumstances that may rise.


1. House alterations and improvements requires a work permit, submission of plan of works and payment construction bond (P 3,500.00 refundable after work completion)
2. Major House alterations and improvements requires building permit from the City Engineer's Office (OBO) and must conformed with the theme of the subdivision particularly the color of the facade of the house.
3. Water Connection and Meter Deposit is P 3,750.00 while Electric connection and meter deposit may cost at P 3,350,00 while the electric material for the electrical pedestal post may cost P 3,000.00
4. Complaint for wear and tear, minor hair line cracks, broken jalousie windows are deemed waived after 7 days from the release of permit to occupy or omission to claim the permit to occupy after sufficient notice
5. Buyer will be the one to facilitate and process their application for electric connection since most of the electric provider will require an appearance of the appicant or their duly authorize reperentative.
6. An allowance of 1 and 1/2 year shall be allocated for conversion of TCT specially for SPOT CASH account.


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Land Asia Global Properties Network
Cebu Office
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Land Line: (032) 495 3547

Real Estate Lic. # 2008-S-27-1122 (N)
HLURB Control #. VII-00400-2008

Updated March 5, 2016