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VILLA CASITA (Buanoy, Balamban, Cebu)

P 395,948.62
Outer Unit: Villa Casita
Floor Plan
Subdivision Plan
Vicinity Map

Villa Casita is your home, your own.

A cozy and intimate neighborhood in a quiet but hihgly progressive western town of Balamban, cebu

The right home to enjoy the basic necessities of life while surrounded by nature's elemental beauty.

A modern community on a 8,000 sqm property right beside San Josemaria Village - Balamban.

- 101 units
- 6.5m concrete road
- drainage system
- Perimeter fence
- Shared entrance with guardhouse

-Contemporary architecture
-Clean staright lines.
-Simplified living space

Payment Options:

Floor Area: 22.63 sqm
Lot Area: 36 sqm
TCP: P 395,948.62
Reservation Fee: P 5,000.00


Pag-ibig Loan: P 390,000.00
10 years to pay - P 4,525.25

Floor Area: 22.65
Lot Area: 49 sqm
TCP: P 445,207.27
Res.Fee: P 5,000.00

Downpayment for 12 months: P 3,350.61/mo.

Pag-ibig Loan: P 400,000.00
10 years to pay - P 4,641.25

DEED of Restrictions:

-The house units are strictly for residential purposes only. Commercial and illegal activities are not allowed.
-Any kind of livestock (fowl, hogs, goats, horses, cows, carabaos, etc.) are prohibited. Household pets may be allowed as long as they are properly vaccinated from diseases and does not threaten the security and safety, peace and harmony of the other residents and of the entire subdivision.
-Makeshift shanties, tents, or any other temporary structures are not allowed.
-Racing or driving practice are absolutely prohibited.
-Double-parking or parking on both sides of the streets is not allowed.

-Any form of extension, vertical and horizontal, are not allowed. Any exterior facade changes, color or structural, has to be approved by Developer. Setbacks and boundary lines should be maintained and retained.
-Concrete fences should not be more than 0.6 meters high. Anything above should be open type wrought-iron bars up to 1.4 meters.

-No commercial vans or vehicles are allowed to park on the streets and other areas of the subdivision overnight.
-Entrance or exit acces points along the perimeter fence are not allowed.

-Occupants are expected to assist in keeping the sorroundings clean.
-Burining, disposing of garbage on the streets, sidewalks, vacant lots, or in any part of the subdivision is strictly prohibited.

-Each and every owner or occupant is an automatic member of the Homeowners' Association and is subject to obligations, duties and regulations.
-A one-time membership fee will be paid to the Homeowners'Association
-A monthly association dues will be paid for the maintenance and operation of the subdivision. Penalties will apply to late payments per month.

Requirments Upon Reservation:
BIS - Buyer's Information Sheet
MSVS - Membership Status Verification Slip
PLCQ - Preliminary Loan Counseling Questionnaire
MID - Membership ID
Proof of Income (latest 1 month payslip/ITR)
2 valid government photo IDs