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VILLA DONNA SUBDIVISION (Biasong Talisay City Cebu)

P 1,038,200.00
2 storey townhouse
updated as of July 29 ,2017
one storey rowhouse
one storey rowhouse

VILLA DONNA SUBDIVISION located in biasong talisay city cebu


Major Roads - 8m width
Entrance Road - 10m width
Underground Drainage System
Individual Septic Tank
Individual Parking Space
Ready Power Supply Connection
Ready Water Supply Connection
NO Perimeter Fence
NO Gate & Guard House
Status: For Construction/Pre-selling
No. of Phases: 2
Phase 01: Available for reservation
Unit Offers:
Row House: 136 units
Duplex: 69 units

Floor Area: 32 sqm
Lot Area: 80 sqm
Total Package Price: P 1,407,000.00
Reservation Fee: P 5,000.00
 SAMPLE COMPUTATION: thru Pag-ibig Loan   
       Total Package Price           P 1,407,000.00
       Less: Reservation Fee                 5,000.00
                 Est. HDMF take out       993,417.00
 Total Equity                        P   408,583.00
               Equity 1: P 123,393.00 - Payable 8 mos. at P 15,424.13/mo.
               Equity 2: P 285,190.00 - Payable 48 mos. at P 5,941.46/mo.
       Additional Fees: Misc. and others
                Approximate only - P 28,000.00 - Payable 12 mos. at P 2,333.33/mo.

NOTE: Equity 1 and Misc. Fees will be paid simultaneously
            Equity 2 - starts after paying the Equity1 or starts at 9th month.

            Monthly Amortization: (Based in 3 Years Reprising at 6.5%Int. P.A.
                 25 Years to Pay at P 7,454.32/mo. (GMI Required - P 21,298.06/mo.)
                 30 Years to Pay at P 7,023.36/mo. (GMI Required - P 20,066.74/mo.)

Floor Area: 39 sqm
Lot Area: 48 sqm
Total Package Price: P 1,038,200.00
Reservation Fee: P 5,000.00
SAMPLE COMPUTATION: thru Pag-ibig Loan     
       a) Total Equity/DP : P 79,810.80 - payable 9 months at P 8,867.87/mo
       b) Miscellaneous  Fee            : P  33,000.00
                Less: Processing Fee            5,000.00
            Balance                             : P  28,000.00 - payable 12 mos at P 2,333.33/mo.
       Pagibig loanable amount : P 960,000.00
            Monthly Amortization: (Based in 3 Years Reprising at 6.5%Int. P.A.
                 25 Years to Pay at P 7,276.64/mo. (GMI Required - P 20,790.40/mo.)
                 30 Years to Pay at P 6,862.50/mo. (GMI Required - P 19,607.14/mo.)
NOTE: Equity and Misc. Fees shall be paid simultaneously but the equity is up to 9 months only therefore at the 10th month to 12 mos. only P 2,333.33/mo.